Some instructions for Windows tracking software

only avalibale for 2007-2009 trackings

At first

Choose "Start > Start..." to select either live-tracking or an event from the archive. If archive-list stays empty, program can not access internet (for example due to firewall).


Map may be moved by dragging with mouse and zoomed via menu command "Visual settings > map zoom".
NEW 2008-07-21: Map can be moved and zoomed also via "mini map" in top-right -corner.

Choosing competitors

Competitor becames visible by crossing in name list. Cross can be placed only after his/her given start time. Button "Check all" chooses all competitors who are already started.
Tails-setting shows tails of defined length instead of whole tracks.Showing whole tracks for all competitors can make program slow, prefer tails instead.

Live tracking

For live-tracking, use buffered live function. This delays viewing a bit, but gives real situation between competiors and avoids problems with different position sending times.
Live-function isn't available right after the initializing. Gray line around a circle means that for some reason data for the competitor is not actual enough at the moment.

Interval start

In interval start use of "Time from start" as timing base gives real standings.
Live-function in this case uses time of latest started competitor (among selected).


It's possible to drag own "split lanes" with menu "Timing > Show timing panel". Program calculates crossing times for each competitor. "Laps" mean crossing the same line several times.


Data export for other software

New 2008-07-22: With "Start > Export selected to .gpx..." menu command you can save a track as gpx-format.

Distance calculator

NEW 2008-09-11: With "Timing/Distance > Show distance calculator" it is possible to see distances covered.